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As a PR or Marketing professional, you have limited time and usually a limited budget for distributing information to the media and directly to the public.

Ideally you'd be able to put your story out in one location, and then spend precious time making person-to-person phone calls to the short list of people you really need to connect with about the story (e.g. the reporter who will cover the story, potential sponsors, etc...).

Daybook Network solves the problem.

You simply choose the city or cities you want to reach. Input your story into the system.

And then the Daybook Network takes it from there.

Each morning, our Subscribers receive one email about stories of the day in that community, including your story - complete with your images, attachments and even videos.

Subscribers in each city include reporters and newsroom staff from radio stations, television stations, newspapers and magazines; government officials in that city; and the community influencers. You know them: they're the folks who always know what's going on, and they are always spreading the word, creating a domino effect.

And it's always free to subscribe to Daybook!

Our Contributors tell us that there is no better value in their PR/Media Relations arsenal. With one click, they get in front of THE right people in the community and get the attention they need for their story.

Add in the fact that we also Tweet the stories to another audience of followers in each city, and you can see why the Daybook Network is the smart way to "Get the Word Out".

Want more information? Contact Us! We love sharing our success stories!

Dayblog highlights Career openings in that City, primarily for the PR/Marketing/Communications & Media sectors.

Think of it as the insider page for those folks who are working in the industry.

Who We Are

Daybook has been a trusted news and event resource in Atlanta, GA for 20 years. Nashville and Dallas Ft. Worth are the newest launches, new cities continue to launch in 2013.

Cost-effective online press release distribution, free-to-read daily email and a community of professionals make the Daybook Network the local newswire of choice for thousands of communicators every day.

Let us know how we can help you.